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is under way in afghanistan. brand new video shows marines going house-to-house, they are on the prowl. steve: jail time for prayer time? two school officials are facing criminal charges for saying a prayer before a meal. what is that all about? we will tell you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: our poem this hour comes from richard in las vegas. brian: welcome to the latest edition of "studio "fox & frien" dora is in for gretchen again.
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>> that is true. steve: what have i done? brian: how do i feel about that? steve: arlen specter, things got testy. "you are lucky i am here, i did not have to come. that is like what he said. clara castro, asking if she that trust -- if we did not trust her. compare that to the pep rally of the media, with the president, who was not interrupted my get all the other town halls, he talked about how the american
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association of retired persons has actually signed on to his program. >> we have the aarp on board. another myth that we have been hearing is this notion that we will somehow be cutting or medicare benefits. we are not. aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it undermined medicare. dora: here is the clarification. while the president was correct, that they will let indorse the health care reform bill, "while the president was correct, indication that we have endorsed any of the current major health- care reform bills in congress are inaccurate." brian: many people think that
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they represent the seniors who will be most affected by health insurance reform, they're saying for the last time, they are not endorsing him. steve, you mentioned up their, are there any concerns? not only did he hit eight questions out in the entire time -- all inspector with a different tact, someone would ask our lives back there a question -- ask arlen specter a question, he would say that it was a good point and move on. [laughter] the president did not even ask the protesters outside. but the president said that we would cut the waste in medicare, cutting capital. so, he already told us, cutting waste. but that will let save anything.
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the non partisan congressional budget office said that none of this stuff will save. steve: that is the problem. regarding the president, at one point it was just such a stark difference between the president's town hall and all of the other town halls. at one. he said there were a bunch of plants in year. a lot of them had big science. -- signs. there was a question from someone who was a preteen. my kids were talking about that yesterday. i do not know that you could call her a plant. but her mother is a big supporter of obama. she was the coordinator of
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massachusetts women for obama during the election. brian: so, in that final lap of life, you are sitting there wondering about your terminal illness, they will be a panel -- many people are saying this is not true -- they are going to say enough of the operations, take some medication. or another medication, get this operation. is it a death panel? the president says they are not, that they are end of life consultants. is that not supposed to be your family? by the way, mom, dad, a sister, brother, this is best for you? steve: a lot of times the family will sit down with your doctor. mr. obama was talking a bit about that.
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dora: the president was very clear yesterday that the whole thing was very blown out of proportion. that it will not be like a group that sits there who decides to pull the plug on you said that it would be cheaper rather than give you advanced medical care at an advanced age. brian: let's hear how the president responded. >> the rumor that has been circulating a lot lately is this idf that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided that it is too expensive to let her live anymore. steve: that is what he said yesterday. a couple of weeks ago this is what he had to say. >> maybe you are better off not
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having the surgery but taking the pain killer. steve: wait a second. brian: which is it? i do not understand. 50% of all health-care costs have been because the seniors who are receiving end of life care. he brought up that this was a republican idea. everyone is talking about the death penalty, which is what governor sarah palin brought up. steve: another odd thing that he talked about, remember that press conference where he talked about the greedy doctors that would take out your kids tonsils when they needed money? brian: by visa bill is skyrocketing, let's take out an 11-year-old's tonsils. steve: because doctors are paying for surgery rather than working with a diabetic for the
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diet and exercise, they might cut off your foot for the money. brian: it is an insult to every doctor. eight minutes after the hour. dora: the june of that the recession is over? brian: i heard. dora: apparently a lot of people, economists, would like to see ben bernanke say that it is over. he has not done so, but there have been indications lately that we have turned a corner on a recession that officially began at the beginning of 2007. steve: at the tiller the entire time has been ben bernanke. economists said today that he has done a really good job. well, maybe we are starting to creep out of this recession.
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when his term is up in january of next year, the president should reappoint him. brian: here is the status. 59% said that the recession is over, 41% said that it is not. they said that one of the key signs will be the growth in the economy next month, if earnings exceed the expectation of productivity. should ben bernanke get another four years given that the recession started in 2007, he took over in 2006, in he did not foresee the collapse in october? people say that his consistency is something that the market wants. put in a new woman or a guy in there, the market will get upset. that will be one of the biggest decisions for barack obama. they have been shoulder to shoulder this whole time.
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steve: people have been talking about larry summers. would he be a good job -- a good person for the job? sure, if they wake him up. [laughter] brian: you are going to look right now at brand new video that was just sent to our newsroom of marines storming a taliban stronghold. it is called operation easter resolved, launched just ahead of the presidential elections next week. troops are battling to gain control of the area. so far, 10 taliban fighters are dead. this is the first time that our troops have entered this province. it has been under taliban control for years. dora: more unbelievable video out of taiwan. 700 villagers escaping to higher ground moments before their tell was buried in a mud slide.
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a powerful typhoon dumping 80 inches. soldiers are going from town to town to find survivors. 1.5 million people had to be evacuated. steve: a gunman shot and killed a female toll collector and a man sitting in a parked car, this happening near the heavily traveled to richmond bridge in california. authorities have identified the gunman as nathan birr s, they believe that he is driving a van that says "western eagle shuttle" on the side. he and one of the coal workers had been living together. brian: the final victims of the midair collision over the hudson had been recovered. workers pulled the heavily damaged aircraft to the surface. four days the divers dealt with
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work -- murky waters in fast- moving currents before finding the wreckage below the hudson river. investigators are born to check to see that all of the controls for working. nine people died, including seven italian tourists. dora: madoff's cfo is walking. into a self after pleading guilty to conspiracy. he says that he was loyal to madoff, but that he has been secretly working with investigators for months to shave some time off of his prison sentence. steve: interesting. he may be only four-years old, but this little kid is a hero. he dialed 911 to save his own grandfather.
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steve: that 4-year-old daughter of 911 after his grandfather in held himself while doing yard work. a board struck him in the leg while he was mulling bilal -- mowing the lawn. brian: 13 minutes after the hour, the united states post office is in bad shape. the price of stamps is going up. but the government is doing such a bad job running the post office, do we want them running health care? we will ask this more -- dick morris. dora: murder for ratings, the host of a crime show accused of killing people to boost ratings.
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dora: welcome back. 17 minutes after the hour, the president of costa rica has the swine flu. he is in isolation right now, under constant medical care. 230 miles to the gallon, this is remarkable gas mileage for the new hybrid electric chevy volt, killing up to 40 miles after plugging into a regular -- going up to 40 miles after flooding into a regular outlet at home. there will be a price tag of about $40,000. brian: private insurers, insuring that they could compete
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with a private auction, the president said this. >> they should be able to compete. they do it all the time. if you think about, ups and fed- ex are doing just fine. they are. the post office is the one that always has problems. brian: so, the troubles of the postal service are the strongest argument. why should america trust the government with our health care? joining us now, the author of the best seller, "catastrophe, closed with dick morris. dick, do you think the president wants his analogy back? do not think about the post office when you think about health care. >> if you want to reach out and grab those words and put them back in if you are the president. look at the press office, look at the veterans affairs, you see
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nothing but tremendous problems. the post office is losing $7 billion every year. the point is that the reason that the post office does not defeat ups and fed-ex is because it is a lot simpler to deliver a package that it is to provide quality medical care. in terms of a package, people are going to go with whoever is more reliable. the government subsidy ensures that the public auction will win. what obama is doing when he hits the public against the private is he is having two horses running, about one is on steroids. brian: that is a perfect point. i was in a u.b.s. store on saturday, they asked me if i could do any -- if they could do anything else for me. at the post office, i wait 20
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lines of force -- i wait 20 minutes in line for a stamp that i do not need. in 2007, the stands were 41 cents. 44 cents in 2009. doubling the price from 10 years ago. his advisers have got to wonder why he brought it up. >> i have a suggestion for your viewers. as soon as the post office opens, go to it. purchase 3 44 cent stamps. one for your senator, one for your congressman, the other for your other senator. but a stamp on the envelope, send it to them, send them a hand written letter. tell them what you want your health care preserved. chapter four of my book if you need any information. brian: stay right there, we have got to talk to you about what
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and we're walkin'... making it all a bit easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today. steve: as you can see, dick morris, a former adviser to president clinton, author of "catastrophe," to a number of -- a number one bestseller. i am sure that you saw this, hillary clinton in the condo. a young person wanted to know -- she thought that she was asking what bill clinton thought about china. he was asking about president obama, but she nonetheless took
6:25 am
offense. here is the sound bite. >> you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state, i am. asked my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i will not be channeling my husband. steve: hoo hoo. dora: what you think was going through her mind at that moment? >> i think as she is the secretary of state, doing it in her own right. this is the first job that she has had in her life that her husband was not responsible for. that is fine. let her do her thing. i would get annoyed as well. i think that the larger question is what is going on inside of her head at the moment. there are two spots moving simultaneously -- two thoughts
6:26 am
in her head at the moment. they have joe biden, ross, powell, jones, all working above her. holbrooke is taking care of afghanistan and pakistan. mitchell is in the west bank. they have carved up her role, she is in the condo now. on the other hand, hillary is very good at playing the hand that she is dealt, very good at moving ahead in this. she knows that she has no ability to win any in fighting in the obama administration. i want to say this, it is a great big but, i think that if she witnesses obama slipping into the 40's and the 30's, and obama becomes as radioactive as
6:27 am
i think that he will, i think that she might run a primary against him in 2012. steve: are you kidding? >> do not throw out those old signs. steve: will she resigned first? >> yes. i think that she can see more leaks coming out of the state department, that hillary did not really approve of this or that. the moves that they put on obama to send bill clinton to correa, that was not obama's the move. i think they you will see more and more independent hillary action. as for the shrinking in the polls, it is a defect in appointing your biggest competitor to be secretary of state. like lyndon johnson and bobby kennedy. if she smells blood in the water, she is going to pounce. that is a mixed metaphor, sharks
6:28 am
do not count. bill: we will forgive you on that one -- brian: we will forgive you on that one. [laughter] officials, charged with a crime for praying. how is this possible? they will join us at the end of the hour. dora: a reality show cat fight ends up in a 911 col. -- call. dora: wow. steve: [laughter] the real showdown from "the real house lives of atlanta." also, happy birthday to to mark knopfler.
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6:33 am
-- will a be up to the pay czar to decide their fate? there is a lot of pressure on mr. feinberg, would you not say? >> normally these companies can hand out what they want. $1 million, $50 million, but never meets their requirements. but now the obama administration will get to decide if those bonuses are too big. kenneth feinberg will get to pass judgment on pay packages after february 12 of this year. here are the companies that he is checking out. aig, bankamerica, citigroup, chrysler, and general motors. remember back in march when aig paid money in retention bonuses? that is when they brought in feinberg. he had 60 days to approve the pay packages.
6:34 am
conservatives think that the whole thing is a bad idea. >> it is a million in the middle of a recession to see wall street guys making hundreds of millions of dollars per year, but it is -- it is unwilling gain in the middle of a recession to see wall street guys making hundreds of millions of dollars per year, but it is terrifying to think of government dictating what you will get paid. >> kenneth feinberg was in charge of the compensation fund after 9/11. back to you. steve: other headline staff, 13 people are dead after this small airplane crashed into a mountain in papua new guinea. it was headed to the kokoda track, a popular tourist site where american forces defeated japanese troops in world war ii. flying there is always dangerous
6:35 am
because of the high mountains and rapidly changing weather conditions. as you can see, the fog is rolling back. dora: when one television producer said that he would kill for better ratings, he did not joke. it turns out that he arranged five murders for his crime show. several former employees have pointed the finger at him. he was a state legislator and a drug dealer as well. brian: time to beef up border security. that is the word from jan in the public, no, no relationship to the judge. -- janet dhanapala con el -- napolitano, no relationship to
6:36 am
the judge. >> we have a unique opportunity with mexico to really break up these cartels. shame on us if we do not take full the vantage of that opportunity and go through that window together. brian: that money comes after the $45 million already spent this year. steve: looking for evidence related to the death of michael jackson, investigators are searching the pharmacy used by dr. conrad mary. that is where they think that he received the drugs for jackson before jackson died. they have picked up a list of inventory. this is the sixth raid lynch to dr. marie -- marurray.
6:37 am
dora: 1 reality show gets to real as a housewife calls 911 on another real housewife. dora: that is kim. on last week's episode of "the real housewives of atlanta," kim got into a brawl with her co- stars. there are claims that she choked her twice, which she denies. she says that she has witnesses and police reports have confirmed that the violence. we will have to wait for
6:38 am
confirmation when it airs. steve: there -- those are not like any real housewives that i know. for the record, if you try to choke me, i will call a producer first. brian: one of the crew will have to call the police on me. thank you, dora. there are some problems in college hoops. rick pationno told police that e had sex with a woman, underage, years ago, and she has been trying to extort him. he gave her money for an abortion. prosecutors say that her complaint >> supporting evidence. a source close to michael vick says that an nfl team will sign him by friday. at least five teams are ready to
6:39 am
sign the former no. 1 player for the atlanta falcons. sunday will be his first all out interview with james brown on 60 minutes. they believe that that will help his cause. baseball now, the red sox got beat up in new york last week. they decided to beat up on the detroit tigers. literally. let's go to fenway park. rick porcello, charging the mound and going at him. he was ejected. look at that. it was a final score of 725. that is what happens when a team gets shot out. the judge will be playing the role of a judicial experts that disagrees with me. you can watch us or listen to us
6:40 am
live. steve: love is a many splintered thing. what happens when we feel that someone is moving in on our territory? dora: you stake your claim id and you fly across the sky saying do not mess with my check. -- chick. brian: alex von furstenburg -- dora: the stepson of barry diller, related to the famous designer. brian: he was dating this woman, it was his fiancee. steve: the woman is alley kay. the third member is reggie miller. reggie miller possy lawyers said that she has sent a couple of
6:41 am
provocative photographs of herself to the player, even though she is in gauge. interestingly enough -- there is his photo -- and there are her photos. brian: we do not think that that is his reaction to the photographs. steve: his legal response is that he is no home wrecker, he is just flirting. >dora: what was she doing this she was not interested, why did she send us pictures? brian: achab woman, is that the right t -- a kept woman, is that the right term? at any rate, they had spoken a couple of times. but apparently alex has had a
6:42 am
problem with jealousy before. in 2003 he slammed his car into someone else that he deemed as threatening to his relationship. dora: this is a much more diplomatic solution. steve: reggie miller says that he has nothing to do with her. brian: i think that he made a tactical error. reggie miller said that he is not pursuing her. i will show you that she is pursuing me. steve: i think that relationship needs to be healed in private, not with an airplane. but that is just me. i am old fashioned. listen to this sound bite from town hall. >> you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute.
6:43 am
wait a minute. wait a minute. brian: it turned out great for him anyways, he tried to turn things down. wait for this, support for overhaul of the health business is at an all-time low. steve: we have a brand new polling numbers. wait a minute. wait a minute. [laughter] dora: but there is one catch. radiohead, not making any albums anymore.
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steve: 13 minutes before the top of the hour, this is the first look at heath ledger's final role, he was shooting the movie when he died.
6:47 am
three more actors step in to fill in the remaining seats. they all played this of training -- the same character. the british superman, radio hhead, is not releasing any more albums. they will still be making new music. they just say that they will only release singles on-line. brian: you going to follow that story? good. here's a glimpse of the backlash of the barack obama health-care overhaul. support for the current plan has reached a new low. town halls, helping or hurting, what do you think? dora: our fox news analyst has an analysis.
6:48 am
support is in the low 40's? >> exactly, a clear majority oppose it. it is dropping week by week. i am watching these town hall meetings, there is genuine frustration. we watched his performance yesterday. arlen specter, he was really pathetic. yelling wait a minute, wait a minute, he is past is due date. you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. there was one president with a very powerful statement. walk softly, carry a big stake. he would say let's challenge it. steve: this is teddy roosevelt,
6:49 am
not live, he did pass away. >> this is a brilliant painting of a brilliant president. he would have said go to the meetings, but do so respectfully. steve: you think they should calm it down? >> they should speak out, but not shout out. dora: what is going on with the people? why are they agitated? >> they are afraid that they will lose access to their doctor, which is a legitimate fear. they are more afraid of the time that it will take for tests and treatment. we have seen this in france, germany, canada. no. 3, people are satisfied with their health care. there are worried that this will destroy the health care system. brian: both sides seem to agree
6:50 am
that there needs to be a reform, but 60 million unaffiliated people oppose it. people who are not republicans, they are still against it. dora: what is the administration doing wrong? >> stopped making a go fast. slowdown. this is not about cars or cable tv, this is about my life and death. you do not mind if i take this painting, do you? [laughter] just, for the record -- dora: i wanted as well, we will cut it in half. >> he just stole $10,000 right there. great artist, a great president. dora: thank you so much. >> you got it. dora: there is a new amateur video showing the biggest jewel heist ever in the history of britain. wait until you hear how much
6:51 am
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was doing anything wrong when he asked his athletic director to say a prayer to thank everybody for building a fieldhouse. those two men face criminal charges and possibly jail time for violating a court order banning prayer in santa rosa county schools. frank lay, robert freidman join us along with their attorney from the liberty council. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you for having us, steve. >> thank you. steve: frank, as i understand,
6:55 am
as principal, had you been told nine days earlier in a settlement with the aclu they didn't want any religion brought up in any way. you understood that you couldn't do that but nine days later you were at this lunch what did you can your athletic director to do. i kind of detailed it right there. >> yes. i asked him to bless the food. steve: as simple as that. something we do at our house. people do it at their houses around the world. robert, when he said bless the food, what did you do? >> well, i said a simple blessing over the food as we normally do, as americans do throughout this nation. and congress and legislative bodies do. my friend of over 40 years asked me to bless the food and i did. no intent. steve: ok. no intent. but nine days earlier, of the school system had come to an agreement with the aclu, frank, that you couldn't talk about religion in school. why did you ask him to bless the food anyway?
6:56 am
>> well, there is no intent involved. i simply, traditional thing. things that i had done for 39 years in the profession of education prior to that, been a principal for 20 years. and we would just standard operating procedure, if you will. and, you know, traditional thing. most of the people at that luncheon we have examined the food to be blessed. steve: absolutely. here is what the aclu has said. parents not the public school should be responsible for deciding whether their children receive education -- religious education. -- now, harry, your two clients are from n. trouble. could face up to six months in jail because this is a criminal complaint. we just heard from the aclu in their statement talking about the students. there were no students there, were there?
6:57 am
>> no. there were not students there. this was an appreciation luncheon for adult community members that had supported the construction of this new fieldhouse. steve, it really is a sad day in the life of our country when two outstanding citizens that have spent their entire lives serving their community are brought up on criminal charges and treated like common criminals for the fact that a simple prayer was said to bless a meal. and, yet, it's just another unfortunate example of how radical the aclu has become in its quest to purge all kinds of religious expression from the public square. this is not about students. there were no students there. steve: frank, as a principal, if you are walking through the hall one day and one of your students sneezes, what would happen to you if you said god bless you to the kid who just sneezed? >> well, currently under the consent decree, i would possibly be chastised for that.
6:58 am
steve: man. all right. well, we are going to be watching this case because a lot of people are interested in it. frank and robert and harry, we thank you all for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us with you, steve. steve: you betcha. did you know. this is big news. the recession is over. that's what some leading economists are saying. so, what do you think? should ben bernanke stay in the job? we're going to talk about that. then, town halls on health care getting testy. >> we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into a socialized country. steve: that woman and her husband join us live in the next hour of "fox & friends" for the 12th day of august.
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dari: good morning. it's wednesday, august 12th. town halls getting a bit testy. >> going to do to restore this
7:02 am
country back to what our founders created according to the constitution? [cheers and applause] >> george washington would -- dari: lawmakers are like arlen specter try to tone down town halls. some town hallers say they want to be heard. steve: something like out of oceans 11. biggest jewel heist ever in britain's history. wrat until you hear how much the thieves made off with. brian: caught on camera, cops rescue a woman in a walmart parking lot. police say they had no choice. she could have killed someone. before i hop in my clunker to make some cash, i'm watching "fox & friends" to see the town halls clash. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute
7:03 am
>> hi, i'm arlen specter senator from west virginia, "fox & friends" is a favorite show. watch it, you are like it. brian: that was arlen specter selling a book. steve: that's back when he was a republican. brian: a lot of those people, and by the way dari alexander in for the great gretchen carlson. you are still happy to be here, right? dari: i'm still happy to be here. brian: arlen specter goes to the republican area, don't you sense that they were a little angry at him still for switching parties? dari: yeah, it did felt like -- seem like they felt he was a traitor. brian: he would go ok, that's democracy. what about answering the question, arlen? steve: did you see that town hall in the 10:00 yesterday morning it was raucous. a lot of people who had some really pointed questions. not a lot of answers but some
7:04 am
pointed questions. but contrast that with the president of the united states who had his town hall, which seemed a lot, to many more like a pep rally because there were a lot of softballs. but keep in mind the white house said they didn't pack the house. the people who wound up getting seats were, in fact, chosen at random through a web site. frank luntz was with us a couple of minutes ago. he explained how, this is something that the clintons started when they run for the white house. when he they had a town hall and the white house has said that they did invite some people. the clintons would always put people hand picked up in front of the cameras. and the people closest to the microphone. they were obviously in their camp. was that the case yesterday? dari: that makes sense. steve: there simply weren't any hard questions. larry sabato said in the boston herald today it was obviously packed with obama supporters and i don't think it was especially effective. it would have been better had there been some tough questions.
7:05 am
brian: he sensed that. he said at one point is anyone against this? anybody have any concerns. you with both hands up i'm concerned it was one of concerns. it was a softball question. i agree with dr. sabato which i know is a relief to him because when we clash it bothers him. i agree with him. barack obama, if you watched him with bill o'reilly. he does his best when he is pressed. he is fine in front of a live audience even though is he better on the script as sometimes the teleprompter speaks out. withbut i think he would have bn doing better knocking things out of the park. >> he gotcha question from the young girl. brian: the 11-year-old? dari: exactly. we discuss the fact that the fact that her mother was very involved in the obama campaign. he got the opportunity to answer questions about why mean things have been said about him. steve: there were some things that he said that had people scratching their head. we are going to talk a little bit about a comment involving
7:06 am
the post office. first let's start with aarp. the president said they're behind him. the they said. no. >> we have the aarp on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors. another myth that we have been hearing about is this notion that somehow we are going to be cutting your medicare benefits. we are not aarp would not be endorsing a bill if if it was undermining medicare. steve: so that's the president yesterday. and on this program over the last couple of weeks we have had a number of people who are so angry, that it appears that the aarp is supporting the president that they have ripped up their cards. the aarp yesterday came out with a response. brian: while the president was not correct that the aarp will not endorse a health care reform bill that dos not reduce medicare benefits. in the occasion endorsed any of
7:07 am
the major health care bills in congress are inaccurate. dari: right. so they haven't actually endorsed them but they are in support of health care reform and they are in support of what the president is trying to do. they just have not put the stamp on this particular plan. i think that's where a lot of the flap was and perhaps confusion. brian: next up the president is going to be in montana and colorado. is montana today? because i think he is going to get some friction there. i think that he welcomes it. he has got to also worry about his accuracy because, number one, saying that he is going to lean out medicare and cut out waste, that's going to save enough money to pay for the plan is wrong. saying you are not going to tax anyone over $250,000 that's wrong. plans currently constituted in the house and they are not going to be -- they are not going to add up and be deficit neutral. dari: you know, i think one of the other, perhaps even a greater concern for obama is something that he also said yesterday. he almost kind of put his foot
7:08 am
in his own mouth because he probably wanted to take it back once it came out of his mouth. he cited the post office as having problems. but u.p.s. and fedex is doing rather well. obviously the post office is government-run. which leads a lot of people to say well, if the post office is suffering, and it's government-run why in the world would we want government to run health care? i'm sure he regretted saying that because he kind of set himself up right there for lots of criticism. steve: let's listen. here is the president of the united states on u.p.s. >> if you think about it, you know, u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine, right? no, they are. i mean, it's the post office that's always having problems. dari: wow. that's rough. brian: do you know what his point was? his point was those that say that private insurance will be run out of town and out of existence because of a public option, you should look at the way we deliver the mail that the upsz does better. the bottom line is when we look at the post office, although we
7:09 am
love people who work at the post office, that is not the bastion of efficiency, it has been losing money almost since the day it was invented. steve: dick morris was with us at the last hour. it is subsidized to the tune of $7 billion. remember when the cash for clunkers programs ran out of money after seven days. there is the price of tax. brian: the peel apay is genius. steve: although i like the minty taste. dari: breath freshener. brian: i'm thinking glue, you are thinking minty. steve: there could be a calorie or two. remember when they said, ok, if the government can't even run cash for clunkers, how can they run our healthcare system. well, effectively said exactly that yesterday. if the government can't run the post office, which he said they can't by extension, why should we allow them to run the health
7:10 am
care department? is he suggesting that the guys from u.p.s. run the health care? because essentially he said they do a good job. fedex does a good job. what do you think? do you think that that was something he would like to do over? do you think that made a good case for his case. brian: do you think the post office be your doctors the people at the post office should they be forced of to be your doctors. steve: i don't want to have my spleen taken out there at the window. brian: darey, start us off. dari: did you hear the recession is over? that's what some economists are telling the "wall street journal" despite unemployment lines that are still long. the economists are revising the forecast upward for the rest of the year. and they want the federal reserve chairman to stay put. virtually all of those surveyed complimented ben bernanke's handling of the economy. his term ends december 31st. steve? steve: darry, -- dairy,.
7:11 am
steve: joshua fattal. sarah shourd and shane bauer were hiking when they were grabbed. brian: iraqis calling for them to return because they were in iraq. they were forced to spend the night overnight. secretary wants to know why. held on the tarmac in minnesota for seven hours. ray la hood is looking into whether any laws were broken. he released this statement.
7:12 am
brian: as for continental, they have since apologized for the incident. that would not be good enough for me. dari? dari: shocking video. a police officer throws an 84-year-old woman to the ground in a wal-mart parking lot. there it goes. the cop says there was no other option. the grandmother could have killed someone. we warn you this video is quite disturbing. you can see the police officer in ohio tackling virginia dotson and wrestling her to the ground. dotson was waving around a steak knife when she refused to drop the knife, the officer grabs her, dotson's daughter says she left her mother in the car and no one was ever in any danger. the police department is standing by their officer. steve: who has a steak knife at wal-mart? meanwhile jennifer hudson proud mother gave birth to her first
7:13 am
child david daniel atunga jr. the baby boy is named after her fiance. famous for performances on "american idol" and oscar as evidencey in dream girls. congratulations to the couple. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. we forge ahead. could an overhaul in the health care plan mean fewer doctors to choose from and worse care? why the secretary of health and human services says that will be the reality under the current president's plan. he joins us right now in two minutes. dari: then a massive jewel heist caught on camera by someone who witnessed the whole thing. you won't believe what these thieves actually got away with. long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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(voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
7:16 am
brian: president obama hitting the road to rally people in support of his health care plan.
7:17 am
seniors still oppose the president's plan. dari: recent poll only 44% of seniors think their health care will improve with this plan. why such little faith in this reform. health and human services secretary. we are glad that you are here with us, seapght secretary. >> thank you. dari: tell us, you saw the town hall with the president. how do you think he did overall selling his message yesterday? >> well, the president is a very effective advocate for his position. is he a cool customer. even though he was dealing with hot citizens and people are worried. they are genuinely worried. these are not people that are stacking meetings. members of congress are hearing this from their neighbors. they are hearing it from business associates. they are hearing it from people at church, there is a genuine current of discontent and concern about this plan. brian: bribe medicare in
7:18 am
particular. is he going to cut $300 billion from that. how is i going to do that and not effect seniors? >> in the long run, the plan is to move more and more people to government controlled healthcare systems. the public option, for example, would move millions. the way they constrain the cost on those plans is to reduce the reimbursement rates to providers. well, we know that has two impacts. the first is that more and more physicians will just simply opt out of medicare and medicare-like plans. meaning people will have a very difficult time getting an appointment at the doctor. the second impact that it has, is that it will just continue to drive tax subsidies up. another thing that occurs often when you cut those reimbursement rates is that some doctors leave the plan and won't provide services and others just do more services and the cost doesn't go down. dari: so, mr. secretary, is it your position that the government does not have the
7:19 am
capacity to manage and run health care? >> it's my position that it does require government action. but the action ought to be oriented to organizing a more efficient system. to organize a more efficient market as opposed to operating the system. government ought to organize the system, not operate the system. it's just -- government is involved in developing rules to make certain that it's fair, to be able to enforce rules when they are not kept. that's a proper role. but for government to take the system over, in essence, and to literally dictated all of the patterns of reimburse; who gets care, when they get care, how much it will be reimbursed, we have seen over and over in countries all over the world that that creates waiting lines and rationing. rationing in the form of decide hog can get fair and who can't. brian: we have to have you back because as a former governor who is the secretary of health and human services for four years under president bush, you're
7:20 am
invaluable. i wish we could point to one country and say that's the way we do it. unfortunately there is not one model. secretary leavitt. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, straight ahead. >> americans making voices heard against the health care plan and getting worked up at town halls. >> we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into a socialized country. brian: that woman and her husband live with us in two minutes. then she calls fair raw faucet her soul sister the woman who knew her for three decades before her death. she speaks to dari one on one. (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars...
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7:23 am
brian: news by the numbers. 23 minutes after the hour. $5,000, that's how much the
7:24 am
connecticut supreme court says controlwell woman can sue her sister for for allegedly failing to share a power ball jackpot. both sisters are in their 80's. $635.85. that's the average amount americans pay in cell phone bills per year. and finally 40. that's how old tiger will be if he competes in the 2016 olympics olympics. dari: tempers flared at a pennsylvania town hall. confronted arlen specter about their health care reform concerns. >> wait a minute, wait a minute,. steve: wait a minute, wait a minute. stealing the spotlight at one point katy abe barack -- abram a listen. >> i'm a republican, first and foremost i'm a conservative. i don't know -- this is not about tarp. this is about systematic
7:25 am
dismantling of this country. you have awakened a sleeping giant. this is why everybody is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia. turning into a socialized country. steve: katy and her husband sam who also asked senator senator specter a question join us live from philadelphia. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: katy, you looked really passionate and i know you have seen that sound bite since you actually did it live yesterday. you know, there has been some suggestion that people who are lining up against this are part of fake grass roots groups or astro turf, who invited you to the event yesterday? >> arlen specter. steve: really? >> we got a 5 by 7 flier in the mail that invited to us come to arlen specter's town hall
7:26 am
meeting. we live five minutes from the venue where it was held. dari: katy, you said, as we heard you say, this is not about the health care bill, it's not about the tarp. you say it's about your freedom being eroded. explain what you mean by that. >> absolutely. dari: how do you feel as though you are losing your freedom? >> you see it every day. the past couple of months, you know, things have been shoved down our throat left and right as fast as possible. i remember hearing some time ago some politician on tv saying you are not supposed to waste a crisis. and obviously they are using this economic problem, you know, that's going on in our country as a reason to just push everything through while people aren't paying attention. so,. steve: there is katy quoting rahm emanuel, don't let a good crisis go to waste. >> that's it. steve: katy, you also asked the senator about a question whether or not private insurance would still be available.
7:27 am
what kind of an answer did he give you. >> he gave a very accomplished answer that you would expect out of a seasoned senator. it wasn't the answer that i was hoping for. i was hoping for a more thought put into it, but, you know, he did answer the question. and he said that he wouldn't vote for any policy that didn't have a public -- a private option. my concern is that private options always seem to -- the bill that i looked at, it's going to die diet death of a thousand paper cuts. slowly bleeding it out. that's how we are going to lose our freedom. you can't compete against the government. that was my concern. dari: a lot of people have said that these town halls may be getting out of hand. obviously the town hall that you were at was very heated. you were exsass per rate offed. do you feel that these town halls are productive? >> i think it's productive in the fact that average citizens are getting a chance to speak to
7:28 am
their senators or congressman. at least hopefully. we were very fortunate at our town hall meeting those that were in line were very normal people. we talked to people from our area. dari: did you learn anything from the town hall do you feel more confident about this reform plan? >> no. i mean, i. no i don't. we received, i believe, a lot of basically staged answers from arlen specter yesterday. and he kept saying the same point over and over and it just -- i guess we weren't hearing what we wanted to hear. i know he is not going to please everybody. but i don't know, i guess the proof is in the pudding and we will see what happens over the next couple of months. steve: sam, before you go, were you a little offended when he said look, i didn't have to be here to take these questions? >> the whole audience -- i think remarks like this is what is
7:29 am
inciting this outburst of anger. is that it's your job to be here. you need to answer to us. and if he is good to his word and he says he is not going to vote for everything, all the line items that we brought up, then he won't be able to vote for any health care bill. i imagine one of them is in there. steve: katy and sam, thank you very much for joining us today. the day after you took part in america appearing at the town specter town hall. thank you. >> thank you. dari: while you were sleeping a brand new offensive was launched in afghanistan overnight. we are getting a look what marines are doing to keep our country safe. steve: gunshots fired. people screaming and running for fire. a gang of thieves pull off the biggest jewel heist ever in britain's history. plus, hungry for a hot dog? how about a felony frank? it's a hot dog stand that employs ex-cons.
7:30 am
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steve: it is 7:33 in the east. right now your headlines and we started with a fox news alert. you won't start see this video anywhere else. exclusive footage of the marines taking on the taliban overnight. the video shot just moments after operation eastern resolve
7:34 am
got underway. the new offensive comes ahead of next week's election. protect voting zones. 10 taliban fighters have been killed. there are no american casualties. first time our forces have ever entered the dahaneh region which is under taliban control and has been for years. dari: major manhunt underway for a gunman who shot and killed a female toll collector and a man sitting in a parked car it happened near the heavily traveled bridge in california north of san francisco. authorities say the gunman's name is nathan burris. they believe he was driving a white ford van with the words western eagle shuttle on the side. initial police reports say that a domestic dispute could be the blame. burris and the toll worker were living together. steve: final victims of the
7:35 am
mid-air collision over the weekend were recovered along with a piece of wreckage from the plane. they pulled the aircraft to the surface, trying not to damage any potential clues. for days, divers have faced murky waters and fast-moving current before finding the plane 60 feet bloat hudson river. investigators are l. now check to see all the controls were working before the crash. nine people died in the collision. including five italian tourists who will be remembered today at a private prayer service right here in new york city. dari: american express and discover card will stop charging fees to people who go over their limit. it goes into effect in october. starting in february all credit card users must be notified if they are about to exceed their limit. be advised of any fee for doing so. and also be given the choice to exceed their limit or not. steve: thanks for the help. it helps prevent heart attacks
7:36 am
and strokes, now a study says aspirin could also fight cancer. the report published today in the journal of the american medical association says colon cancer patients who took aspirin, reduced their risk of death by the disease by 30%. researchers say that aspirin apparently blocks an enzyme that can normally cause tumors to grow. experts agree it is too early to make an across the board recommendation but say the results are promising. colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states. dari: shots are fired as robbers flee a london jewelry store with $80 million worth of loot. amateur video caught the thieves as they drag a woman out of the store and bystanders are just scattering everywhere. robbery was one of the biggest in history. thieves were smartly dressed. they changed cars several times
7:37 am
in get away. fired at least one more shot. hey. steve: looks like a george clooney movie. dari: very together. steve: let's take a look what's going on in the weather on this wednesday. it's a wet day as you can see in portions out in the commonwealth of virginia down throughout carolinas. a line of storms moves down through the panhandle. a little thunderstorm activity out in the panhandle region of texas at this hour. otherwise, it's nice and dry across much of the northern plains and the central mississippi valley. all right. let's take a look at the current readings coast to coast. we have got a lot of 60's and 70's. right now 75 in new york city. same in atlanta. about the same for dallas. but the humidity levels change all over the place which makes it feel a lot warmer. big question is how hot will it be? >> that's a scorcher. steve: thank you, you are talking about the temperatures, right? 91 today in kansas city. hot from texas back through. 109 today in phoenix. up in bangor, maine today,
7:38 am
80 degrees. feeling very humid as well with humidity out there, pittsburgh 83. approaching 100 in rapid city, south dakota. that's a quick look at your fox travelcast. brian kilmeade is now going to talk about an organization located in chicago where the highs today are going to be in the 90's. brian: yes, stay indoors or outdoors at wrigley field. the owner of a brilliant idea, the owner of felony franks. is he in chicago. with us today to talk about a project he launched a couple of weeks ago but an idea that's been festering for three years. jim, tell me about your business plan. >> we opened up felony franks, home of the misdemeanor wiener, food so good it's criminal july the 1st. i have been working on this for three years. we started working on the actual facility in december of last
7:39 am
year. we just got it open. we did have some problems in the city this is not just a catchy name, you hire felons, men and women coming out of prison work for you? >> exactly. they need a chance. is there is a a stigma. they need to be moved back into our societybill. brian: one of those convicted felons out and working for you, darnell, welcome to "fox & friends." how is business? >> it's going great. >> what do they have you doing for felony franks. >> i'm cooking. and dealing with the customers.
7:40 am
i love felony franks. you know, it's a great opportunity for me. now i'm able to do things for my kids and stuff. brian: you were sentenced to 10 years. served five on drug charges. it doesn't bother you at all, jim, that people say you have a company there and here is a guy with a sketchy track record. >> not at all. that's a man who made a mistake when he was younger. he has paid his price. he has been rehabilitated he should be allowed back in our society. brian: you have got abe problems and hot dogs here and of course the shirts. felony franks. >> thank you. brian: good luck. congratulations on getting the job and good luck. that's the story out here. hot dogs for you in new york city that are hungry and like relish. dari: how do they taste? steve: i would like some relish and some mustard. dari: sounds terrific. two, please. steve: is he loading up for us.
7:41 am
all right, straight ahead. in tough economic times should you borrow from your 401(k) if you absolutely have to or should you try to find an alternative? dave ramsey answers that question and many more in two minutes. >> farrah fawcett battled cancer for two and a half years before her death. this morning, of the woman who was by her side through that struggle and calls farrah her soul sister. the angel's incredible courage. when this shoe store added aflac to its employee benefits package no direct cost the company... it was a perfect fit.
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steve: welcome back. every wednesday, we have got the answers to your most pressing financial questions. today we are talking about retirement fun. 401(k) loans are shunned by the experts. what if you absolutely have no other money available other than your 401(k)? should you tap into it? dari: let's ask dave ramsey, the most host of the dave ramsey show on the fox business network. hello, dave. >> good morning. well, no, you shouldn't tap into it. the experts continue to say that. if you are facing a foreclosure or a bankruptcy, then i goal along with cashing some of it out to get that creditor off your back. maybe to save your home or something like that. even then i'm not going to borrow on it. if you borrow on a 401(k) that loan becomes due when you leave. brian: let me get you the question exactly from michigan. we have a $20,000 401(k) loan right now and we are making payments about $700 a month. we have about 6 a thousand in
7:46 am
stocks. would it make sense to cash in the 401 stocks and pay off the 001 k right away. the debt is a car a loan. >> that's the reverse question almost. should i pay off a loan i have got now. absolutely you should. i want you to do that in what we call the debt snow ball. you have got the other car loans, the other credit card debt and that kind of a thing. wherever the had 401 k smallest to largest. cash out the stock and pay off largest smallest to largest. hopefully you can pay off the 401(k) too. dari: my wife andry currently debating whether we should close our 401(k) account to pay off smaller dense. we have about 15,000 in accounts and over 40 debt in. you suggest some situations warranting halting contributions to retirement accounts. when is it ok to take the penalty? >> we talk about taking the penalty is to avoid a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.
7:47 am
here is the situation. you pull the money out of the 401(k), they are going to hit you with your tax rate about 30%, plus a 10% penalty. a total of 40% that uncle obama is going to take from you. that's kind of like saying dave i want to borrow money at 40% interest to pay off my credit cards. bad plan. steve: martin in louisiana says: >> roth 401(k), roth ira grow completely tax-free. say it with me, everybody. doesn't come out of washington very often. tax-free. i personally use roth ira. fabulous product. steve: fantastic. all right. dave, of course, from time to time we do feature some of the people who are getting -- you are all about getting rid of credit. paying down debt. here is our plastectomy of the
7:48 am
week. a man who roasts marshmallows. >> one thing i love about supper time roasting marshmallows over an open camp fire. one thing i find ivan more satisfying than that yes, roasting credit cards over an open fire. ♪ >> got to love the harmon canic. brian: i love the reduction value. i want to follow the story. >> he is up for emmy. brian: rifle man, perhaps. steve: see you back here next wednesday. brian: met on the casting call of the 70's. they became friends. what in the -- what the world does not know about farrah fawcett. she has a brand new book out. we will --
7:49 am
dari: all right. the real showdown from the housewives of atlanta. steve: first on this day in history august 12th in 1981, the world changed when ibm introduced the personal computer. brian: it will never take off. steve: 1975 the begs had the number one hit in america. the jive, jive, jive talking. . .
7:50 am
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dari: and the answer to the question of the day, of course
7:53 am
it is george hamilton. the loss of their's that touched many, especially after watching her painful stronger -- struggle with cancer. a lot of stewart is her best friend of more than 30 years, and she stood by farrah fawcett in her darkest days. she shares the story in her wellcome. it has been a coupleç of months since she passed. how have you been? >> ok, it has been surreal. i have not accepted it really. dari: it is incredibly coincidental that you are coming
7:54 am
out with this book. >> it was always supposed to come out in august. she had gone through some rough times, but she had always rallied, and i talked about that in the book. she would get sick and then something would happen, and she had incredible recuperative powers. i really hoped that she would be alive now and that she would be able to read the book. it was her idea originally for me to do the pope, so it was important for me --ç to view te book, so it was important for me. dari: when did you first meet?
7:55 am
back in the day. around 1979 we started to become better and better friend. i think we bonded being texas girls. she was just a regular counterperson i like to do a lot of the things that i liked. something that people do not know about her well, she just loved doing simple things like cooking, eating, particularly texas food. sometimes we would take road trips to texas cafes. it was one of our favorite things to do. dari: she was just a beautiful female icon. how did she handle that? could she grapple with the fact that everyone wanted toç look like farrah fawcett? >> that was before we really
7:56 am
became friends. i was watching it fromç afar, d it was amazing, it took over the world. i think it was overwhelming to her. she was a very sweet girl. she had a very sweet nature. i think it was overwhelming for her, hard to believe that all of this attention was suddenly on her. even up to the time when she died, i remember saying to her, it looks like you might be nominated for an emmy. she said, really? she was surprised. the next morning after the movie showed, ryan went to her and said we did a really great. she was pretty sick at this çpoint, and she said, what were the numbers? dari: what is your reaction to
7:57 am
all of the negative stuff that has come out now? >> i am notç sure exactly what you mean there is quite a lot of it right now. it is interesting how people, out of the woodworks to make up things. i do not know what you mean specifically, but my reaction is to try not to pay attention to it. obviously, it hurts. some of it i know is absolutely untrue. it makes me angry. i vacillate between being angry and truly outraged, thinking what can i do? dari: thank you, we are out of time. gretchen: this story is unbelievable. the host of a crime show accused of murdering people to boost
7:58 am
ratings. and two schoolç officials facig charges for saying a prayer. plus, taking a man's name. should women do this when they get married? ♪ kelly saunder's nature valley. ♪ the place that inspires her to go faster... ♪ and slower.
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8:01 am
dari: good morning. the u.s. ps in bad shape. hundreds of offices about to close, even the president is in in in this. >> if you think about it, ups and fedex are doing just fine. it is the post office that is always having problems. dari: so if the government is doing such a bad jobç of runnig the post office, the question is, do you want them to run health care?
8:02 am
steve: jail time for prayer? çtwo school officials including the printable facing criminal charges for saying a prayer before a meal. brian: and in atlanta, one member of a tv show called 911. brian: what caused that catfight? ç [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute çsteve: today our friend in the
8:03 am
centers where it is dari alexander. for us in the new york area, she is the anchor that the new and 1 w -- at wnyw. brian: we already got one secret from you yesterday. in new york legend with great care, you and dari dance during the break? dari: yes, at a bit of ballroom dancing. brian: i had noç idea ernie was like that. steve: in the meantime, the president wasç prepared to entr
8:04 am
any hard questions at the town hall meetings. we have seen some pretty tough meetings coast-to-coast, but that the president's town hall, and was almost like a pep rally. there was one point where he talked about the public option and how the government would run an entity to run health care. then the president made a comparison, that upon retrospect, i bet you $1, that he would like to have back. >> ups and fedex are doing just fine. çit is the post office that is always having problems -- steve: and the post office is run by the government. brian: don't think private insurance will be over just çbecause there is a public auction.
8:05 am
-- option. dari: he also said that he does not want the government to take over your health care decisions. they are going to manage the program but you are still going to have choices. that is one thing that he tried to bring about brian: but they have him on tape from 2003 saying that he believes a public option is where we are going. barney frank believe this will lead to a single payer system. steve: that is why so many people are watching what is happening on capitol hill, even though they are on break, so there are showing up at these town hall meetings. there is an interesting blogç that is updated every day, and they have a sense of humor as if they are the president's teleprompter.
8:06 am
çaccording to this website, ths is what happened yesterday in new hampshire. brian: next stop he will be in the montana and colorado. if you want to know how the post office had done in the past few years, just take a look at thep@ cost of stamps. steve: so many elected officials and president of the having
8:07 am
these town hall meetings. this is from one of my friend. i have a lot of friends to send me stuff. if you find yourself in a town hall meeting and you need to ask a hard question, that it would be hard to weasel out of, ask them one of these five questions. can you promise --
8:08 am
finally theseç are five question to as. if any one is a no, tell them to vote no on the new health-care plan. if you can think of another question, said it in to us. -- send it in to us. brian: right now insurance agencies are responsible for rationing care. how many times have. doctors said that you need to pay for it? insurance companies are not qualified to be your health care provider. çdari: the president has said
8:09 am
that people who are happy with their plan will be in the to keep it. brian: but i doç not see how he is going to do that. dari: he says it. brian: if i am an employer and i cannot afford to pay for your health care, i'm done. steve: he cannot guarantee it because the bill is being concocted on capitol hill. stay tuned. brian: it is over. dari: so is the recession, and did you hear that? brian: do you think the recession is over? the majority of people who responded say yes. we did not really know that we were in it. the job loss of burlesque, -- last last month.
8:10 am
ç-- less last month. most economists we speak to say that we are done. days are here, because you look at the numbers yesterday and there was a sell-off on wall street, although it looks like futures are up just a bit. the question is, who should lead the federal reserve going forward? right now is ben bernanke. economists polled by "the wall street journal" said overwhelmingly, mr. president, a point then bernanke to another four-year term for continuity. he did an ok job getting us through these rough waters. dari: we will have to see what happens. brian: let's find out what else is happening in the world.
8:11 am
dari: more unbelievable video from taiwan. seven villagers escapedç to higher ground before their time was buried in a mud slide. right now soldiers are going from town to town located survivors. 1.5 million people there were evacuated. çbrian: janet napolitano belies it is time to beef up border security. she announced a $30 million cash infusion to prevent drug violence in mexico from spilling over into the u.s. >> we have a new opportunity with mexico to really break up these cartels. shame on us to not take advantage of that opportunity to go through that window together.
8:12 am
steve: meanwhile, when a brazilian television producer said that he would kill for better ratings, police say that he meant it. he is under arrest on suspicion that he arranged five murders for his crime television show. investigators became suspicious because each time they would arrive at the scene, the television crew was already there. çseveral employees pointed the finger at the host. police believe he, who is also a state legislator, is also a drug dealer. dari: federal investigators raided a loss thisç pharmacy -- las vegas pharmacy in connection with michael jackson's death. agents collected documents,
8:13 am
records, and a list of inventory. brian: talk about a perfect pianist. nora the cat could be the next billy joel. ♪ she is a 5-year-old cat. she was in a rescue shelter and her owner and piano teacher were surprised to see her playing her piano. more than 20 million people have watched her videosç on youtube. she even has her own cookbook -- excuse me, facebook page. steve: the new head of the a.i.g. has been on the job for
8:14 am
48ç hours, so naturally it is time for vacation. what? dari: president obama is pushing hard for reform. a new poll says that support is now at an all-time low. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™.
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8:17 am
steve: support for president obama's new health-care plan falls to a new low. only 42% to four of the plan, and that is down 5 points from two weeks ago. let's talk to our political panel. ç the president's pollç numbern
8:18 am
health care are in free fall. >> i think that this just a sign that insurance and drug companies are sending a ridiculous amount of profits they have made from stiff americans, and that they're winning this battle, but that is not with health care is about. it should not be how much success they're having on their campaign. it should be about running a family doctor for every family. steve: we want things to be affordable but i think the reason he has gone down in the numbers so quickly on these town halls. people are talking to their elected officials, and they do not know how to respond. >> you probably have not read
8:19 am
most of the bill. i think it isç our robert gibbs criticizes the cable news that works. -- bizzare robert gibbs criticizes the cable news network's. thisç is obama be too clever. he believes as long as you do not know what is in the bill, you cannot attack specifics. steve: you have the house bill on your lap? you have read it? >> very thoroughly. the reason the president's numbers are declining is because if you like your doctor, if you have a bluecross blueshield-type plan, that will be history. it will move you into a government-designed health care plan. it is -- it is on page 16.
8:20 am
in the town hall meetings the president does not address the actual legislation. his assurances do not have the force of law. >> you know that is not correct. steve: as we mentioned, the problem with health care is due to cable television? >> we cannot allow cable television to come toç the town hall meetings to kill this issue. steve: our political panel will be here to talk about that. and then taking a man's name. only 70% of people believe they should. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200.
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8:24 am
steve: white house press secretary robert gibbs blaming cable television for the negative image of town halls. >> we all know cable television is trying to come to these meetings to kill the health care issue for another 10 years. steve: he says special interest will be back in charge, but then they already deal with pharmaceutical interests? we are continuing our conversation with our political panel. we've just talking in the break, betsy, the president has already cut a deal with big pharma. i think one of the bills, it would double the amount of time )something can go generic, and there is also no tort reform. do something about the cost of
8:25 am
runaway lawsuits. >> i spend some time in fact that people have to switch their health plan, seniors will be bearing the brunt. this bill is paid for partly by tax increases but also with a $500 million reduction in medicare funding over the next 10 years, just when 30% more people will be enrolled in medicare. so you will have many more people and fewer dollars to cover. that means less hip replaced -- replacements, if you were bypassed and angioplasties. the kinds of procedures that have allowed people to enjoy their older years, rather than being stuck in a wheelchair. steve: what is the matter with us to allow mining town halls? i think it is helping people see
8:26 am
the frustration i am not alone being frustrated. take a look at these people in pennsylvania. >> i am not going to blame cable television for the passion and anger around the issue. that is about the fact that the people who work for a living do not have the ability in many cases to take their kids to a doctor. it has been 15 years, betsy, since he ledç the charge to stp health care reform. people have lost their businesses, life savings, they are afraid of what can happen. then i am not afraid, i want to insureç everyone. there are ways to cover everyone who is on injured without forcing people who already have good insurance into a lesser plan. >> there are choices in the plan that you are not talking about. steve: but the president has
8:27 am
said, i will not cut a deal with pharmacy companies. i will not have a deal where we have tort reform. he could have done that. >> are there any states that have done that when it comes to insurance? what has happened to premiums? they have doubled in the last seven years. >> i think what this gets down to it is at heart this is a political push by obama. in order to be successful in his own term, he needs to have one signature achievement. he is going back to the clinton playbook. this is one sixth of the economy. you cannot do it without a specific plan. he thought he could doç it without falling into the clinton draft, but this is the fear of the unknown. that is what people are afraid of.
8:28 am
>>ç when you are worried about losing your house or your life savings -- steve, suddenly this has turned into a town hall! thank you very much. straight ahead, the new head of the a.i.g. has been on the job for two days, so naturally, time for vacation. then two school officials from florida facing criminal charges for saying a prayer. and take a look at this brand new american chopper. we will tell you what makes it special.
8:29 am
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8:32 am
30 miles per gallon highway or better. next, it's a lineup of hybrids that fit the way you live, and one day, chevy volt, a car that can go up to 40 miles before it uses any gas at all. that's an american revolution. steve: we are saluting the all- american bride. dari: we are teaming up with caterburys.comç with brides toe in the armed forces or engaged to servicemen in a chance to win a complete what an ensemble.
8:33 am
take a look at the website for complete details. we will announce this friday. steve: brian: now let's tell you what is happening in the war. exclusive video of marines taking on the taliban. the video was shot moment after the operation eastern resolve got under way. troops are battling to gain control of the area to protect voting sites in anticipation of provincial elections next month. it is the first time our forces have entered this province of dahnaneh. dari: the head of the a.i.g. has
8:34 am
çbeen on the job for two days, but he is already headed for a vacation. his vacation home in croatia was once the home to the treasurq of the yugoslavian king. this is the fifth ceo of the insurance giant in the past five years. brian: taxpayers own 80%. dari: that means we can go to the villa. steve: meanwhile, a high-school principal and the athletic director are accused of violating a court order banning prayer in santa rosa county florida schools. they were with us and they said it was natural to pray.
8:35 am
>> i have been a principal for 20 years. it was just standard operating procedure, if you will. çmost of the people at the luncheon would have expected it to be blessed. >> it was a simple blessing as most americans do in this nation. and myç friend of 40 years askd me to bless the food, and i did. steve: they could face time in jail. the aclu filed the complaint that sparked the charges. it says -- steve: but students were not even at a lunch -- the lunch.
8:36 am
brian: i have to warn you. a police officer throws in the 84-year-old woman in the parking lot of the wal-mart. apparently she could have killed someone. the video could be disturbing. you see the police officer tackling the grandmother and rustling her to the ground. she was wielding a steak knife. when she refused to drop the knife, the officer dropped her. çthe police department is standing by the officer. i do not care how old you are, if you are waving a knife at me, i will wrestle you to the ground. gets a bit too real when one
8:37 am
person calls the police on another. dari: on last week's episode of "the real housewives of atlanta " 11 men got into a fight with another. solzciak says she has with this is to confirm the violence. steve: why does she called it her show? meanwhile, former nba player reggie miller gets a warning from angeles fiancee. the banner on a plane trailing over the beaches of los angeles. reggie miller, stopç pursuing
8:38 am
married women. one man claims that reggie miller has been courting his fiancee, but then the miller responded with some pictures, flirting. now to the weather. as you can see we have some line the scattered showers over the ohio valley through the tennessee valley. nice and dry through the plains states. a bit of action in texas. currently in the 60's, 70 pass in the northern half. in orlando is already 72. 109 in phoenix today. look at the northern plains. 90 in minneapolis. it would be a good day to go for
8:39 am
a ride on a motorcycle. brian: and that is what we are doing, and not just any motorcycle. we have the founder of "orange county choppers" and a wonderful dad. dari: now you are going green? >> yes, even our building is 52% above green. brian: spá is different about this motorcycle? >> it is an electric bike that runs on six batteries. everything is hand fabricated. çthis bike will do over 100 mis per hour. dari: how long does it take to charge? >> it takes about five hours to
8:40 am
charge. on one charge it will do 60 miles. brian: i thought you were all about the loud engines? >> yes, but you are also getting away from a futuristic bike. the fact that it runs on batteries, you know what i'm saying? we recycled a frame. everything on the bike is -- water-based paint. it is very environmental, a very clean. dari: how much does it cost? >> $1 million. brian: who gets this? >> this is for siemens. weç will unveil it around 10:00
8:41 am
today. brian, thank you. back inside. steve: thank you. ig concern for many people regard to health care reform. peter johnson takes this issue on. and a race adam and eve from your vocabulary. there it is a plan to change it from adam and eve to the and adam. it is just one example of what is wrong with our schools. taking its rightful place
8:42 am
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8:45 am
develop cancer, we are pretty much going to write you off because you are no longer a working citizen paying taxes. >> that is just not right. no one will be written off because they have cancer. that is a bill that -- vicious, malicious untrue rumors. >> the latest thing floating around is the house panel of voting for death panels that willç basically pull the plug n a grand mal -- grandma because we decided it is too expensive to let her live anymore. dari: peter johnson jr. is here. he has been tracking the health care reform for us. you heard both of them say they were rumors. there is no pulling the plug. >> there is pulling the plug by
8:46 am
actively doing it, and then there is doing in by omission, not providing care. the president's reform plan is a redistribution of health care. what he is saying is i want to reduce hospital costs by $220 billion in medicare. i want to cut out medicare advantage, which affects 10 million people. i want to reduce imaging studies. i want to reduce electric wheelchairs. i want to reduce advanced nursingcare in facilities. no one is saying the president wants to kill old people, but you have to look at the effect, the person who is advising the president on this. ça man by the name of the ezekl emanuel who happens to be the brother of the president's chief of staff. what did he say with regard to end of life?
8:47 am
are we going to make a determination as to whether someone has had more life or not, as to whether they america care? take a look at what the president said that an earlier town hall as to who gets treatment, when. >> maybe you are better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. steve: and you listen to that and it is all about cost savings. the president is all about saving money, but surgery orç y lenol? >> what we are talking about now is providing health csre to an additional 46 million people at the same time cutting medicare
8:48 am
advantage at the same time reducing $220 billion in funding to hospitals. let's be truthful and logical. no spin, no political partisanship. if we are going to treat more people for less money, and we are talking about medicare cuts albany, are you telling me that seniors are not going to be affected? it is not a matter of scanning them on cable television, it is -- schering them on cable television, it is a matter of understanding what we get in the health-care system. is this morally fair? dari: so are you saying that when obama's says instead of getting the operation and perhapsç medication is better,s this a slow killing off of citizens?
8:49 am
>> i do not know if that is true, but i would say health care should be on -- based on a culture of life, not death. weç know one-quarter of medicae costs code to end of life care, and we know the president and his advisers are looking to cut those costs. they deserve the most, not the least. steve: thank you. dari: the race adam and eve from your vocabulary. some want to change it to key and adam. steve: let us get a check on what is coming up in the 11 minutes. megyn: you just talked about it. peter johnson raised a good point, there is euthanasia, and there is passive euthanasia. dr. mark siegel is on the hour show to explain.
8:50 am
and is the white house compiling a list ofç those who oppose health care? bill burton is back on the show. . ç, unlock a sensory wonderland, overflowing with an amazing combination of seven tantalizing flavors your cat craves. friskies signature blend. feed the senses. combines two powerful medicines for fast relief of your diarrhea symptoms, so you can get back out there. imodium. get back out there. .
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8:53 am
steve: we have been telling you that liberals have been lobbying to take words out of our children's textbooks. here are a few that will knock your socks off. tucker carlson joins us from washington, d.c. >> good morning. as we have been talking about, textbooks under the influence of the activist left is not to describe the world the way it is, but to hope for the way it should be. that means sometimes changing history. t whio whit, adam and eve is now
8:54 am
eve and adam. in the left-wing version of genesis, adam convinced eve to eat the apple. steve: they are rewriting the bible? [laughter] >> if you look back, you do not have a grandfather clause anymore. that is needless to say, sexist as well. replaced with a retroactive coverage. sportsmanship has that dreaded three letter word, the ugliest word in english, man. it is now sporting conduct. elderly and senior citizens are not around anymore either, not sure why that is offensive, but they are now older citizens.
8:55 am
jungle is now forbidden as well. no more jungle. the word is savannah. jungle is a perfectly good word, and evocative word. -- an evocative word. no more george of the jungle, it is george of the rainforest. steve: i wish that you were making this stuff up. but you are actually saying they are talking about taking these words out of our kids textbooks? >> absolutely. we have an hourlong documentary coming up. steve: we will be promoting that. thank you. taking a man's name, what do 70% of brides think? more in twof
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
steve: all right, here is a new study from a couple of universities. when women get married to men,
8:59 am
new brides say that it is very beneficial and helpful to take their husband's last name. half of them say that the government say that the government should require it. what do you think? send us an e-mail. brian: an interesting study. dora: what is all this? brian: bottom back, brittany. what is in store for only "fox & friends" viewers? >> if you go to the web site you can register to win a hooters wing card. wednesday is wing day. >> are you accusing me of missing the story as a journalist? [laughter] brian: are you going to bring them to us? >> yeah, for wing day. >> yeah, for wing day.
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